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“Wow! I just completed my last lesson on Living I AM course. I can truly say it was a very intimate journey of self reflection and discovery. Each lesson was like climbing a rung of a ladder where I would enjoy a loftier view of myself. As the eternal seeker I continually look for something to diminish my sense of separation and have spent many years wading through volumes of time-consuming concepts. Absolute freedom arrived the day I discovered the teachings of Dr. Toni Petrinovich. I soon discovered that my mind was ill equipped for a true and efficient practise and with Dr. Toni’s guidance and reflection I could quickly taste the ripened fruits of all that she shares. While moving through The Living I am course I started to let go of the beliefs and perspectives that the world and/or my community prescribed for me. For me the journey started with a subtle awareness of something I sensed outside myself to finally finding that which never changes. The more time I spent ignoring all else and locking on to THAT alone, I eventually had preview of my true Self.”  C.M.

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“Nowhere has science and divine compassion found a greater match than in Toni.” K.H.

“Reverend Doctor Toni has creatively woven together spiritual, scientific and philosophical teachings in to her writings about “I am”.  What a gratifying experience and so many ‘aha moments ‘, discovering what ‘Source’ is and learning about new ways to manifest creative… Read more “”

“I thank you, beyond words, for your: guidance, writing, words of wisdom and holding the space for my journey inward. As I continue down this path of simply allowing, I pull out my MetaU lessons and seem to get the… Read more “”

“You are a master teacher, and the readings and studies I have done with you (no coincidence) , have been the most powerful in my life; assuring me of who I AM.” Rose Dippel (passed on)

“Wow, thank you for a spectacular soul reading! I am so happy to hear such poignant words that absolutely resonate with my higher Self!” Helen P.

“Toni, thank you so much for your generous offer and invitation. I must tell you that I am feeling such fulfillment from what you have already given me in my soul garden reading and Mastering the Shift Course. I’m feeling… Read more “”

“I bought the book on impulse via Amazon then devoured it in about a week – I couldn’t read it one seating as I needed to absorb each chapter. I have bookmarked almost every page- it might be more truthful… Read more “”

“Meta yoU has given me all the creative tools I will ever need to construct any life I could possibly imagine for myself. The choice is mine! I have learned to de-construct and de-program the beliefs I never knew were… Read more “”

“Wow! I just completed my last lesson on Living I AM course. I can truly say it was a very intimate journey of self reflection and discovery. Each lesson was like climbing a rung of a ladder where I would… Read more “”

“I have received both an Angelic Human reading and an Angelic Partner reading from Toni, and what I love about her readings is that by simply listening to each personal message I am able to more clearly separate my motivations… Read more “”

“I had the chance to listen to the recording once this morning. Your words are a tuning fork that resound and vibrate from deep deep deep within. And, really I feel word-less and heart-full on how to express my gratitude… Read more “”

“In 2001 I began having a nagging feeling that something was ‘missing.’ My childhood religious beliefs no longer offered me comfort, and my confusion grew. I found Toni and my whole world blew open. She introduced me to Metaphysics and… Read more “”

“When I first began to understand that I was being called to wake up, I didn’t really know what to do, but I prayed (desperately), ‘God, please reprogram me.’ My prayer is being answered–I AM reprogramming me! It’s as if… Read more “”

“Journeying with you Toni is for me ever awakening, deeper and deeper, to the essence of our nature, our being the One Love, and to the wonders of living and co-creating as such. My gratitude is as infinite as my… Read more “”