Relief From Belief in I AM

Your beliefs create your view of the world and your life. Your perceptions are created through what you believe is true. Your beliefs supply the significance to all experiences in your life. Change the belief and whatever is happening is painted with different colors. Living as I AM creates a container for your divinity.

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Every belief you have was given to you by someone else. It began with your parents, then your teachers, any religion you were brought up in or not, people you work with or play with, social networks and peer groups. Every person has a belief that he or she believes you should believe, also. I AM is without belief.

The information you use to create your world view is bound in thought and feeling fields embraced by the walls of your beliefs. These energetic fields of information exist as invisible patterns in space resonating with what you are experiencing. If you continue to experience the same actions repeatedly, it enhances your belief that your experience is “true” and creates your sense of reality.

Beliefs create resonance or incoherence in your field. Because what you believe is true in your reality creates the frequency of the wavelength that you emanate, your belief system is responsible for the creation and maintenance of your field, which is your reality.
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