Temporarily Unavailable

If you would like to ask questions or review any of your readings, I am available to go over your reading with you. I don’t remember what I say in readings, so you will want to have a list of questions and comments written down for us to review.

The fee is $40 per hour. We will connect through Zoom or Facetime, whichever you prefer.

After paying though the Paypal button below, please email me to let me know which reading you wish to discuss – toni@sacredspaceswa.com.

A spiritual reading is an invitation for you to come into greater awareness of your divinity through communication within your Divine Self through my Divine Self, which are One and the Same.

These readings are not “psychic” readings, which arise from within the astral plane where the thought forms and desires of humanity reside. My readings emerge from within Your Divine Self.

I do not retain the memory of the reading after recording it. The frequency within which I read is pure, aligned with the Source consciousness of the Divine Cosmic Mind.