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Receive a Message from your Divine Self every month.

Now you can subscribe to a monthly reading of your choosing at a guaranteed special fee. All of my readings are available to you as a subscriber at $50 for a one-half hour reading.

Also, as an annual subscriber, you can save the monthly reading to give as a gift, sharing with family and friends. You will always know that you are receiving one-third off the standard reading fee.

Consider enrolling as a group and sharing the subscription among like-minded friends. The person receiving the reading will always have to give me permission for the reading, so it is good to ask permission before gifting a reading or deciding to share your subscription.

Subscribe today and begin receiving the words of spirit every month in the reading format of your choice.

Upon receipt of your subscription, I will email you for the reading format and questions you wish to initially address. I will schedule your reading within that first month. I will then email you every thirty days from the beginning of your subscription to find out what type of reading you would like for that month.

Choose from the following reading formats:

Angelic Human Reading

Soul Reading

Light Orb Reading

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Annual one-half hour monthly subscription – $600 (12 one-half hour readings at $50 per reading)

Or pay $50 per month for 12 months

From Mary Baldwin after her Angelic Human Reading:

“Toni, a few words that come to mind: Clarity, coherence; absolute resonation with what was shared. Stupendous amount of information. I followed and understood almost everything that was said. I will listen as often as necessary to take it all in. I have never been gifted like this before. Your capacity to act as a translator is off the charts and I am ecstatic to have received your gift. Thank you.”

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When I read for you, I am not channeling someone else. My Divine awareness is in union with your Divine Essence. The words you hear are You speaking to you as the flow of Divine Intelligence reminds you in so many different ways what it is to be I AM in this earth realm. You will be surprised at how familiar the message is to you.

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Annual one-half hour monthly subscription – $600 (12 one-half hour readings at $50 per reading)

Or pay $50 per month for 12 months

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