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November Specials

Course special for November: Art of Creation

Reading special for October: Soul Reading

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The Monthly Specials page is your opportunity to enroll in a course or request a reading at a reduced fee. It is always my pleasure and honor to meet with you as you enjoy the expanding  awareness that my courses bring. If it is a reading that you desire, know that we will meet intimately and divinely through the words of your Self.

    Art of Creation

This is your time – right here, right now. Within this course, you will find the tools and the steps taking you into the next experience of life in this changing world.

What will you create with this newfound opportunity? How will you, as the I AM, God in human form, use your divine intention to welcome in a new way of living?

Normally $95 – Special $70

Soul Reading

The soul records the individual in the earth plane as they have experiences within the personality’s divine nature. These experiences are then embedded within the soul as memory and found within the Akashic Record.

During your reading, I look into your soul record and tell you what I see from the standpoint of this life. You may ask questions beforehand via email.

Normally $75 – Special $50

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