Gift Certificates

January Specials
This is my gift to you as we begin this year of letting go.

Course specials for January: Enroll in one course and choose a second for free. Click on the links below and enroll in the course of your choice on the course page. Then email me and let me know which course you choose as your second.

Reading special for January: All readings. After selecting the reading, come back to this page to use the Special Discount Paypal button.

The Monthly Specials page is your opportunity to enroll in a course or request a reading at a reduced fee. It is always my pleasure and honor to meet with you as you enjoy the expanding  awareness that my courses bring. If it is a reading that you desire, know that we will meet intimately and divinely through the words of your Self.


A spiritual reading is an invitation for you to come into greater awareness of your divinity through communication within your Divine Self through my Divine Self, which are One and the Same.

You may select more than one reading and you can give readings as gifts. See my Gift Certificate page for additional information. Choose a Soul Reading, Angelic Human Reading or Light Orb Reading.

January special – $50 (usually $75)

Light in the sky
Bringing down the light