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October Specials

Course special for October: Decluttering the Mind

Reading special for October: Light Orb Reading

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The Monthly Specials page is your opportunity to enroll in a course or request a reading at a reduced fee. It is always my pleasure and honor to meet with you as you enjoy the expanding  awareness that my courses bring. If it is a reading that you desire, know that we will meet intimately and divinely through the words of your Self.

   Decluttering the Mind

When you wonder how you can possibly quiet the constant chatter of your mind, you have found the key. From understanding why your mind is cluttered to the body’s chemistry that drives the chaos, Decluttering the Mind takes you on a journey into your mind and heart.

New enrollment fee – $85

Light Orb Reading

The Light Orbs speak through direct dialog. You may also hear them if you open your mind to listen and remove any belief that this is not possible. The Orbs are constantly present with humanity and view the hu-mans in a different light than the human mind might believe. Their readings are eye-opening.

Normally $75 – Special $50

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