Why has spirit incarnated as your family?

A Family Reading will give you the agreements your family  brought into this world. It is not a contract, rather an agreement that each of you have intended as this incarnation. When you understand the playing out of this agreement, it becomes so much easier to accept each individual’s role.

Before this reading, it will be necessary that each member of the family over the age of 18 agree to it. Children under the age of 18 will be included upon the request of the parent(s).

You each may send me questions beforehand via email. They will be answered within the reading.

Usual schedule for booking a reading is one week to two months.

One-half hour reading – $75

This is a good time to get your children involved in the world of spirit. They will begin to recognize their personal intention in this life as they listen to the words of the reading. You may also find that it is useful to listen several times since each time you hear the words, you will experience something different. And, your children will often shine light on aspects of your family you haven’t noticed.

father with sons
mother and daughter