Angelic Humans bring their messages to earth.

An Angelic Human Reading describes the message you bring to this earth as an Angelic Human. “Angel” means messenger. The word “hu – man” means “god – homo sapiens”. You are Source in form with a message.

 Angelic Humans are not human angels. They are human beings ready to give their message to the world.

You may or may not desire to bring forth your message at this time. An Angelic Human Reading unfolds the encoded message within your cells and describes what the message is and how you are capable of holding it.

All messages are recorded in the quiet and solitude of my office. We do not need to be together physically or on the telephone. We are One. I email it directly to you through Filemail, which will send you a download link to access and save your reading. Please email me your birth date and the reason you want an Angelic Human Reading.

Payment may be made through Paypal or email me your phone number and I will call for your credit card number. Usual schedule for booking a reading is one week to two months.

One half-hour reading – $75

  • Learn the message you are bringing to the earth
  • Understand how to function as an Angelic Human
  • Remove any doubt or misunderstanding you may have about your commission in this life
  • Feel the connection you have with all who are manifesting their message
  • Experience the fulfillment of this incarnation

Book your Angelic Human Reading today and hear the words that catalyze your Angelic Human message within your cells. As your encoding unfolds, all those who are ready to hear their message are stimulated, as well. You are a true gift to this world.

1/2 hour reading – $75


Special offer from Pamela Cail and me. Order an Angelic Human Portrait from her and I will read the Portrait and give you your Angelic Human Message.

See Pam’s Portrait offering on her Soul Portrait page.  Scroll to the bottom. You can request your Portrait there. $170CD/Regular $225CD

I will receive a photo of your Portrait for your reading. Pay for your Angelic Human Reading below. $50US/Regular $75US

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Angelic Human