Angelic Human Reading

An Angelic Human Reading will give you the message you brought into this world. It is not a contract, rather a commission (a committing to) that you have ascribed to this incarnation. You may accept it or reject it. There is no judgment. When you are ready to accept the playing out of your message, your DNA encoded with that message will unfold and it will become ever-apparent to you. An Angelic Human Reading catalyzes your message in the moment of your hearing the words.

Usual schedule for booking a reading is one week to two months.

You agree to present areas of focus for the reading that are points of attention that will assist you in becoming more aware of yourself as Source in physical form. You are solely, absolutely responsible for every action, interaction and response you experience in this life. You agree that you are the creator of your life as you are now experiencing it.

You agree that there are no victims, perpetrators, doers of right or wrong within your life. All is light as experience. You will see the potential you carry, the possibilities open to you and the avenues you have decided to use within this life within present time. What you may have thought is your “purpose” in life will align with your true commitment to live divinely.

I reserve the right to decline to read for any reason I feel appropriate. In that case, I will refund your reading payment.

One half-hour reading – $150

Angelic Human