Trusting Aloneness as I AM

Are you available to your Self? Do you allow time to be with You in ways that create feelings of harmony, peace and grace for yourself without anyone else in mind?

What does it mean to “be alone”? It usually means feeling separate, especially from other people. The word is a derivative of the Middle English words for “all” and “one”.

We are going to consider the idea of being alone from the reference point of “separated from others”, though the idea of separation here does not really connote what we mean, does it? No, it is more being “without” others rather than being separated from them. Does this create a sense of discomfort for you, which would be described as loneliness?

Solitude within I AM

Lonely is quite different. It usually means being without anyone else and sad or desolate.

So, it appears that being alone and being lonely have different meanings. Yet, I would offer an independent definition for alone. Yes, it is being without physical company and yes, it is exclusive of anyone or anything else that is physical. Yet it is much more than those.

It is being in the company of I AM. It is living in a relationship with yourself to the point that you do not experience loneliness because you are completely and fully at one with yourself, which is I AM.

This relationship of you with you occurs when you spend time alone so that you may witness  what you are to you. You are creating a relationship with you!

Aloneness is blessed in I AM

Trusting Aloneness includes:

What Is It To Be Alone?

Fear Of Aloneness

Recognizing Yourself Alone

Trusting  Aloneness

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Alone in I AM