Relief From Belief in I AM

Change Your Life           Experience the Divine

The information you use to create your world view is bound in thought and feeling fields embraced by the walls of your beliefs. These energetic fields of information exist as invisible patterns in space resonating with what you are experiencing.

If you continue to experience the same actions repeatedly, it enhances your belief that your experience is “true” and creates your sense of reality. As the habit patterns define themselves in your life, they become your convictions and you base your life upon this matrix.

All beliefs have been given to you by someone else. Your beliefs create your view of the world and your life. Your perceptions are created through what you believe is true. Your beliefs supply the significance to all experiences in your life. Change the belief and whatever is happening is painted with different colors. Living as I AM creates a container for your divinity.

Relieving belief within I AM

Relief From Belief includes:

Lesson One:  Five Beliefs That Rule Your Life
Five basic beliefs, Question everything, Defining beliefs, How beliefs work, How beliefs play out their energy within your divine field as I AM

Lesson Two: How Do Your Beliefs Expand and Enhance Your Life?
Listening to your heart, Living in freedom, Be aware, Surrendering to your divinity as I AM

Lesson Three: How Do Beliefs Limit Your Life?
Fear is the basis for limitation, Results of the fears that limit you, Fear leads to helplessness, Four basic fears

Lesson Four: The Purpose of Beliefs
Beliefs create perception, Beliefs can lead to increased coherency, Beliefs and your personal field as I AM

Lesson Five:  The Purpose of Being Human
Being an expression of the divine, constantly changing energy.

Lesson Six:  Now What?
Change? What is freedom? What now? What will you do with the relief from belief?

Last month to enroll in Relief From Belief. It will no longer be available after October 1st. Enroll now at this special low enrollment fee. Usually $95 – September special $75.

Upon enrollment, you will receive the link to the webpage
containing the Relief From Belief ebook and exercise journal.

Upon enrollment, you will receive the link to the webpage containing  the Relief From Belief ebook and exercise journal. During this course, you can receive additional teaching from me through my Course Reviews page.
Enrollment fee – $95
Enlightened within I AM