Path to Union in I AM

Will you consciously surrender
to the divine union possible for you?

You are in partnership with a boundless sea of creation. You are a creator of that ocean of manifestation.

Whether you are in the process of feeling the desire for a better situation at work, getting closer to your children or joining in an intimate relationship with a man or woman, you must first focus upon the Wholeness in which you dwell.

This course is designed to clarify your divine nature.  While you may believe you are seeking a partner or a better relationship with another person, you are looking for yourself.

This course is made up of eight chapters taking you from defining your desired union to fully enjoying it. Upon completion of this course in union, you will have changed your frequency significantly if you will allow it.

You may take this course either alone or with another person. It doesn’t matter whether that person is nearby or on the other side of the world thanks to the Internet and communication software.

Resting in the twilight of I AM

In the Path to Union, you will discover:

How to allow and let go of attachment

How to recognize separation and union

How to be honest even when you disagree and allow others to do the same

How to abandon yourself to trust and safety

Meditating as I AM
Pause in the light of I AM

How to quiet your mind enough to really listen

How to love yourself with devotion

How to release expectations and beliefs

How to enjoy loving – alone, with another or in a group

Upon enrollment, you will receive the link to the webpage containing an 84 page course e-book, accompanying workbook and The Path to Union Journal.  During this course, you can receive additional teaching from me through my Course Reviews page.

Enrollment fee $95

Walking in the light of I AM