Shift into Self-Realization,
your natural Enlightened state of being.

Desiring to know your enlightenment and to live as light is one of the prominent themes in this new paradigm’s calling. Yet, what does that mean? How do you “do it”?

This course is designed to give you the deepest understanding of what it means to Live As Light. It holds within it the essence of divine alchemy. You are I AM in living form.

What is explained within this course and experienced within the guided rituals is information already contained within the cells of your physical body and is the stream of Conscious Awareness emanating from and within your Self.

Creator emanates from I AM

Living As Light contains seven ebooks and seven accompanying rituals. Each one gives you an insightful look within an aspect of yourself that quietly and gracefully leads you into understanding what it is to live as light, to understand enlightenment rather than seek and hope for it.

“Once you meet Toni, you realize that she embodies what she teaches. There is no bull shit, no beating around the bush, no coddling. Either you are in or you are out. I say that lovingly, because in turn, it is a gift she mirrors back to be, so that I can be more real and authentic. In truth, it is the most loving and efficient way to be in relation to self. So if you are ready and willing for change and transformation, then this is one ticket toward Freedom.” James Knight


Within each ebook, you will examine your understanding and conscious awareness of your various aspects. Then you will have an opportunity to experience  what it is to be physical and light simultaneously within all of your bodies.

Living As Light includes the following explorations, which I am calling waves:

First Wave: Light Body Light & Your Physical Body, Earth, You Are Source, Light, Spiritual Sight, Verses, Intention & Focus, The Source in Form

Greet the day as I AM

Second Wave: Physical BodyThe Physical Body,  Change, Frequency & Wavelength, Neutral Energy, Coherency, The Breath, Heart’s Morphic Field

Third Wave: Spirit, Soul & SelfSelf as Spirit, Soul & The Divine Akashic Field, Soul & Self, Soul & Breath, Personality & Individuality, Knowing the Self as Divine I AM

Fourth Wave: Consciousness –  Conscious Awareness, Conscious Memories, Conscious Spirituality, Conscious Focus, Conscious Intention, Conscious Enlightenment

You are the center as I AM

Fifth Wave: Light Body and the Physical – Biological Waves, Spirit in Form, Common Changes, Transforming, Emerging Aspects, Harmony in the Field, Physical & Light

Sixth Wave: Light Body and ConsciousnessShifting Conscious Focus, Light Body as Reality, Looking Within, Light Body & Conscious DNA, Spotlight on Consciousness

Seventh Wave: Living As LightExperiencing Light as Physical, Light Body, Stabilizing Within Light Body, Communicating as Light, Mastering Living as Light

Upon enrollment, you will be sent the link to the online course page containing the text material and audio guided rituals. During this course, you can receive additional teaching from me through my Course Reviews page.
Enrollment fee – $95
Master of light as I AM