Art of Creation course

The time of transformation is now.

The question is: What will you create with this newfound opportunity? How will you, as the I AM, God in human form, use your divine intention to welcome in a new way of living?

This is your time – right here, right now.

Within this course,  you will find the tools and the steps taking you into the next experience of life in this changing world.

Each chapter (I’m calling Queries) includes text and a set of exercises in a separate journal to walk you, one step at a time, through your personal Divine Alchemy.

Do what you have wanted to do throughout your life yet have not given yourself permission to receive.

Your time is now! Claim it!

Holding art in I AM

“I am really enjoying my new course (Art of Creation).  It helped me get into the zone this morning, and I’ve maintained a zen-like attitude since, which effects those in my environment.  What a blessing.”  Kathryn Hart Teixeira

In your Art of Creation course, you will answer questions
leading you into your creative power.

Query One: What Are You?

The Mind
I AM Nourishes You
A Knowing That Cannot Be Imparted
Self And Self
Infinite Awareness
The Breath

The creation of I AM

Query Two: What Is Human?

Understanding Your DNA
Biological Waves
Spirit In Form
The Knower and Infinity
All Is One In Emerging Aspects
Harmony In The Field
Managing Your Field
Your Source, Essence In Form

Query Three: Beliefs?

How Belief Works
Fundamental Beliefs
One Ocean
Beliefs Create Perception
Your Personal Field
Beliefs Can Lead To Increased Coherency

Query Four: Your Authority?

Listening To Your Inner Voice
The Edge That Is Not Okay
Being Yourself
Christ Consciousness
Who You Are
You Are Limitless Because You Are Divine
Claim Your Power

Symbols of I AM
Balance within I AM

Query Five: Your Intention?

The Over-Arching Intention
Harmony of Intention 
The Courage Of Intention
Intention And Your Heart
Being Heart-Minded
Creating from your Heart


Query Six: Your Creation?

Choose Awareness
Nothing To Fear
Focus on Creation
Loving Your Creation
Perception and The Call
Changing Perception
You Know Yourself As Creator
Consider This

Upon enrollment, I will send you the link to the Art of Creation – Divine Alchemy ebook and exercise journal. During this course, you can receive additional teaching from me through my Course Reviews page.
Art of Creation text and exercise journal – $95
Art of creating as I AM