Living I AM course

The Living I AM course is comprised of ten two-page lessons in one e-book. At the end of each chapter you are directed to meditate upon a specific set of thoughts. As you progress through the lessons and meditate upon the suggested thought patterns, you will witness your attachments dissolving as you become aware of being I AM.

When you explore all of the nooks and crannies of the mysteries within your life, you have a chance to experience them from all sides. In this exposure, you expand because you are no longer holding on to the limitations, the boundaries you have artificially erected in order to protect your self-identity.

You need no protection. You are I AM. You are free.

If it is difficult for you to recognize yourself as I AM, know that it will come through your detachment from human beliefs. You are the Source, All That Is, the Ineffable.  There is no halfway measure here.  By Source we mean the conscious awareness that always exists with or without created worlds and dimensions – the I AM sourcing Itself as Creator.  It is the origin of all without origin itself. It is You.

In order to arrive at Divine awareness, you must learn to value your emanation as I AM far more than your belief in separation. There is only One. The One is You.  

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