Living As Light

Living as Light is learning how to function in a physical body as bio-light. It is the unveiling of the morphic field in which you live and breathe, teaching you to see and experience your physical form as the energy wavelength into which you have incarnated as I AM in physical form.

Living as Light (formally Mastering the Shift) – normal enrollment fee – $95.

During May, this course on living as an enlightened being is being offered to the public for $80.

But not for you because you have enrolled in a Divine Intensive with me.

For you, having enrolled in the Divine Intensive, this course is now being offered at half price!


Learn how your human body is connected with the Akashic Field, how your physical form emerges from within the bio-photons comprising your expression as I AM while you experience living in an illuminated world that you infinitely create.

Enroll now and also receive my Living as Light guided meditations sent to you through These reflections will enhance and expand upon the learning you will receive as your awareness becomes your enlightened state.

Upon enrollment, I will send you the link to the course material.

Divine Intensive Special – Living as Light – $48

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