The time of transformation is now. That which you have been waiting for is here.

The question is: What will you create with this newfound opportunity? How will you, as the I AM, God in human form, use your divine intention to welcome in a new way of living?

This is your time - right here, right now.

Within this course, meditations and conversations with me, you will find the tools and the steps taking you into the next experience of life in this changing world.

Each chapter (I'm calling Queries) includes text and a set of exercises in a separate journal to walk you, one step at a time, through your personal Divine Alchemy. After each of two Queries you will have an opportunity to share your journey with me while I shine a light upon that path.

Join with me now to enrich the life you are. Do what you have wanted to do throughout your life yet have not given yourself permission to receive. Now is the time to live your wonderful life. The life you have yearned for is now here and available.

Enrollment fee for this course in creation will be $180. As an Introductory Special, it will be offered for a short time at $125. Enroll below today and take the first steps to create the life you have always wanted whether it be through a physical or spiritual creation.

Special Introductory Offer - $125

Upon enrollment, I will send you via email the Art of Creation - Divine Alchemy ebook and exercise journal.



From the Course:

The human physiology is the receptacle of consciousness through all of the complex processes inherent to it. It is a walking informational vehicle streaming the experience of consciousness. Though it may appear that application of these processes is only relevant to this frequency plane, DNA has access to information that the mind does not. And, as divine conscious awareness you have dominion over the expression of your human DNA.

The magnetic fields that encompass you and all that you experience and observe arrange themselves much like iron filings shape themselves due to the pull of a magnet. Since you are an electromagnetic field that is composed of thought forms and feeling forms, those energetic signatures comprise your magnetic attraction.  The pull you exert on life bases itself upon your magnetic pattern.

Focus your attention on your present intention to live fully as you are within I AM. Shift your focal point from a desire to operate for the “highest good” to being, aligned within the limitless love, compassion and absolution of the Self. Translate your need to know the outcome of your feelings, thoughts, words and actions into a state of awareness within your divinity. Watch this shift create an access field into your creative nature.

You can modify your intention to include doing what you want to do (create) even though most of your life you haven’t allowed yourself to create what you truly wish to experience. It takes standing in your own authority, altering your beliefs to mirror your intention and truly recognizing that you are a Divine Creator.

Through your intention, you manifest what you experience in your world and through that frequency invite into your life the beauty of what is possible. This is the beginning of your role as Creator. What beauty do you want to bring into your life through the use of your divine intention? What is it that you wish to create either as a physical experience or a new, inner awareness?

Your Sacred Space is the most intimate experience you will have in this incarnation. Experience your ego personality's view of life from the highest point possible ~ from deep within your inner core ~ the Presence of your Essence as Source in form. As you do so, you will realize that there are no limitations. Anything you consider limiting is your own construct within your life. You may let it go at any time by seeing it in a different way. As I AM, you already know this. Now make it so!


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