Living I AM
The word “angel” actually means messenger. Messenger usually means one who hears a message and/or completes an action. Defining an Angelic Human then would be a human who hears a message and acts.  This action is conducted in love as I AM.

This definition is inclusive of the human race. All people hear messages and all people act – no matter the country, the environment or the circumstances of the particular lifestyle. 

What tool or tools does an Angelic Human use?

Many people believe that Angelic Humans are human beings who are angels. This is not true. There is a distinct difference between the human reality and the realm of the angels. An Angelic Human is fully and completely human, which mean that he or she lives as divinity in form. It is the Angelic Human who hears the message and acts. It is the Angelic Human who listens to the heart, hears the message that is to be given or acted upon and follows through within the love of the Divine. The personality and the Divine Self is experienced as one – the Angelic Human.

The call to awaken lies dormant within the DNA of each being on earth. It takes only the subtle shifting of energies and the surrender to the movement of love within to align with that call. It is an offering of great magnitude; it is that for which each of us came. Heed the call. Be alert to the message. Complete the action. In that completion lies the peace that surpasses all understanding.

If you want to know the message you have brought to this earth, order an Angelic Human Reading.

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