Trusting Aloneness as I AM

What does it mean to “be alone”? It usually means feeling separate, especially from other people.

The word is a derivative of the Middle English words for “all” and “one”.

We are going to consider the idea of being alone from the reference point of “separated from others”, though the idea of separation here does not really connote what we mean, does it? No, it is more being “without” others rather than being separated from them.

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Being alone allows time to find you. The person you are looking for, the divine attributes that you most want to have completed by that person are the ones that you have a hard time fulfilling for yourself. And, since you don’t believe you can realize those sacred pieces of you, you want someone else to be them for you. Being alone is placing emphasis on the true quality you look for in others – the Self.

The feelings you have in this silent aloneness acquaints you with the possibility of living alone within even if you are in a partnered relationship or spending most of your day in the midst of many people.

Bring into your life this sacred, holy awareness of being truly alone. You come into this world absolutely alone and leave this world in the same way. No matter how many people are in your life through family or friends, reveling in the awareness of you only happens when you are alone. Then, nothing is needed. Nothing is desired. You are.