A transmission is the passing on of something, a message, a trait, a way of being. It is the transference of an energetic output from one person to another or from one place to another.

The fulfillment of your awakening will reverberate throughout the dimensional realms, affecting all of creation.

Since we are One and there is no time or space, when you request a transmission from me I will set the intention for this sacred energetic transferral to you. As you open yourself to the power that is being conveyed to you, the very cells in your human body become filled with the message of the transmission. Enfolded within the energetic field of All That Is, you now respond to the invitation you have given yourself over the ages. You are HOME!

Three Transmissions

Angel Fire Transmission

Amplify your Angelic Human Message. This transmission stimulates the encoded message you bring in your cells.

Transmission – was $80; NOW $45


Divine Union

Come into direct awareness of living as I AM. Feel the disbelief in your divinity fall away.

Bestow upon yourself the depths you are able to experience.

Transmission – was $80; NOW $45

Presence of Your Essence

First provided by the Light Orbs, the Whole Light Beings, it has returned to align you within your Essence as an Emanation of the Eminence.

Bask in this whole light energy!

Transmission – was $80; NOW $45


During your transmission, you will be asked to lie down quietly for an hour. If receiving the transmission is easier for you at bedtime, that can be arranged.

If you would like to connect with me beforehand, please let me know.

You will also be requested to acknowledge your responsibility for everything you experience during the transmission. The waiver will be sent as an email and you may email a reply as your acknowledgement.

If you have any questions about these transmissions, please email them to me and I will answer them.