Your soul holds the experience of every life you live.

The soul records the individual in the earth plane as they have experiences within the personality’s divine nature. These experiences are then embedded within the soul as memory and found within the Akashic Record. The attributes used and the recognition of the control of light/energy/information becomes part of the individual’s soul record.

During your reading, I look into your soul record and tell you what I see from the standpoint of this life. You may ask questions beforehand that will be answered in the reading.

All messages are recorded in the quiet and solitude of my office. We do not need to be together physically or on the telephone. We are One. I email it directly to you through Filemail, which will send you a download link to access and save your reading. Please email me your birth date and any questions you may have.

Payment may be made through Paypal or email me your phone number and I will call for your credit card number.

Usual schedule for booking a reading is one week to two months.

1/2 half-hour reading – $75

During a Soul Reading you will find the answers that are calling from your heart. The voice you hear during your reading is your voice speaking through me. It is the divine you are speaking to you in words you have not heard before. There is a yearning within you to understand how magnificent you are and during your Soul Reading you will come to understand what is possible for you.

You may find that center ideas and concepts you hold are no longer valid and begin to see yourself in a way that you only dream is possible.

Book your Soul Reading today and find the incredible awareness of I AM in all areas of your life – relationships, work, play and silent time. Now is your opportunity to transform your reality.

1/2 half-hour reading – $75

“Thank you so much for doing the Reading for me. It is really a wonderful and beautiful message to me. Really powerful. It has to sink still a bit so contemplating it every time I listen. Some things are familiar, some things are new … But it feels right! Thanks for the beautiful work you do and for empowering me through this reading! Keep doing the beautiful lightwork you do!” Wouter Steegmans Wouter Steegmans “Thank you, dear Toni. What an amazing experience this was!! I’ve never had such an in-depth, multidimensional reading and I am awestruck by the empowerment I received. I am so thankful to you for offering your holiday special price, and I will recommend you to my friends.” Dennis Morris Dennis Morris Previous Next Soul Reading