prenatal reading

TheĀ  spirit coming through you has a specific intention for this individuation. Its soul record accompanies it into the earth plane to begin the experiences within the individual divine nature. These experiences are then embedded within the soul as memory and found within the Akashic Record. The attributes being brought forth are the outcome of this spirit’s intention and will play out based upon the circumstances within which it is born.

During a Prenatal Reading, I look into that intention and tell you what I see from the standpoint of this life. You may ask questions beforehand that will be answered in the reading.

All messages are recorded in the quiet and solitude of my office. We do not need to be together physically or on the telephone. I email it directly to you through Filemail, which will send you a download link to access and save the reading. Please email me any questions you may have.

Payment may be made through Paypal or email me your phone number and I will call for your credit card number.

Usual schedule for booking a reading is one week to two months.

During a Prenatal Reading you will hear not only the spirit’s intention, also other information relating to its decision to be born to you, your family and incarnate into the world of duality. The information you hear during this reading is the voice of this spirit speaking through me. It is the divine speaking to you in words you have not heard before. There is a yearning within you to understand how magnificent this being is and during your Prenatal Reading you will come to understand what is possible.

You may find that ideas and concepts you hold are no longer valid and begin to understand in a way that you only dream is possible.

Book your Prenatal Reading today and find the incredible awareness of I AM within your human body held securely within the cocoon of your spirit.

I reserve the right to decline to read for any reason I feel appropriate. In that case, I will refund your reading payment.

One-half hour reading – $150

baby's hand

There is nothing quite like beginning to understand why you have been chosen to be the parents of this spirit. The honor, beauty and privilege that accompanies birthing I AM into this dimension of contrast goes without saying. Now hear and experience what you may expect as your beautiful baby begins to fill your life with the glory of its presence.

The momentous agreement that your family (no matter the size or circumstances) has made together with this spirit will begin to become more available to you through the words you will hear. The voice of spirit is the voice of your baby as spirit stating its intention for this life.