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September Specials

Course special for September: 6 Week Divine Intensive

Reading special for September: Light Orb Reading

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The Monthly Specials page is your opportunity to enroll in a course or request a reading at a reduced fee. It is always my pleasure and honor to meet with you as you enjoy the expanding  awareness that my courses bring. If it is a reading that you desire, know that we will meet intimately and divinely through the words of your Self.

6 Week Divine Intensive

The 6 Week Divine Intensive is an opportunity for you to focus on your divine nature, that which you truly are and to have that mirrored back to you by me. And, the time period does not need to be 6 weeks. It is adjustable to your schedule and timing. For more information, click on the 6 Week Divine Intensive link above.

Normally $250 – Special $180

Light Orb Reading

The Light Orbs speak through direct dialog. You may also hear them if you open your mind to listen and remove any belief that this is not possible. The Orbs are constantly present with humanity and view the hu-mans in an entirely different light than the human mind might believe. Their readings are eye-opening.

Normally $75 – Special $50

Light in the sky
“Wow! This is such a Powerful package of teachings, so precisely helpful, so clear, and so all inclusive. My intention for signing up for this course was actually about,” Okay, I’m going to take this course as my final leap into the certainty of Godhood,” (wanting to stop all seeking) and feel you have provided me with exactly that. There are no excuses not to be God is what I feel from your teachings. Wow, again, and thank you!”
“Studying with Toni is simply life-changing for me. At the completion of the Divine Intensive, I feel free and connected with others in a different, deeper, authentic way. My love for the richness and complexity of life is growing. My life is much more joyous and meaningful, and my intentions feel clearer as I live by my commitment to honor and be responsible for Oneness. I am full of gratitude for the eye-opening readings and the inspiring, insightful conversations with Toni, and I am deLighted to continue on this journey of learning and awareness with the Metaphysics course.”
“I have spent my entire life searching… find why I am here, I always had an idea, many many pieces but could never put them together. It was very very fustrating and took up so much energy. Hearing my reading, I cried, laughed and rejoiced. I now know my reason for being here and my gift. Now all I have to do is claim it and live.
Thank you Toni truly”
Bringing down the light