Path to Union in I AM

This course is designed to clarify the divine journey you are in relation to the aspects of divinity you consciously wish to merge with in this incarnation. While you may believe you are seeking a partner or a better relationship with another person, you are looking for yourself.

During this course, you can receive additional teaching from me through my Course Reviews page.

You are in partnership with a boundless sea of creation. You are a creator of that ocean of manifestation. Whether you are in the process of feeling the desire for a better situation at work, getting closer to your children or joining in an intimate relationship with a man or woman, you must first focus upon the Wholeness in which you dwell.

The spiritual seeking, yearning you feel is within the One.  It is impossible to separate the supernal life from the physical life.  All is creative action within the Source as the Nameless

Union within Oneness is found only within the silence of the human mind.  It will not be discovered in thinking, perceiving, seeing or experiencing “out there/in here”.  It is not found through “seeking”. As the Nameless originally created within the silence of Itself, all communication with it is interior silence.

One in Light