September Specials    

Soul Record Readings are 1/2 off for the month of September.

The Mastering the Shift course is 1/2 off for the month of September.

Each description below is a hotlink to the description for the reading or course.

If you click on the link to read the description of the reading or course, come back to this page to use the 1/2 off discount Paypal buttons below to order.

Soul Record Reading

What does the record of your soul hold?

One hour reading - normally $150 - now $75

1/2 hour reading - normally $75 - now $37

Mastering the Shift

Learn how consciousness, the light body and the physical body work to shift your awareness.

Normally $225 - now $112

Course material sent upon enrollment

We provide this material for your information. It is not intended to substitute for professional counseling and/or the advice of your primary health care provider. We encourage you to follow the directions and advice of your professional counselor and/or primary health care provider. Toni Petrinovich is not a counselor or a coach and the relationship between Toni Petrinovich and her students is of teacher/educator and student only. The mention of any product, service, or therapy is not an endorsement by Toni Elizabeth Sar'h Petrinovich, Sacred Spaces, Sar'h Publishing, Heartstorm courses or Meta yoU School of Mastery.

--Toni Elizabeth Sar'h Petrinovich                            

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