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Reading special: I AM Answers Reading - 1/2 off

Course special: Path to Union course - $100

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I AM Answers Reading

What is it that you would like to know? Receive answers from your Divine Self to the questions in your mind.

One hour reading usual fee - $150
February special - $75

1/2 hour reading usual fee - $75
February special - $37


Very intimately did you relay my deepest longing and my truest path. Your reading touched me to the very core of my being. I have listened over and over again just to take it all in. I feel it would have taken me the rest of my life to just have a glimpse of what you allowed me to become aware of from my reading. Never before have I found My Truth in so many ways perfectly reflected in someone else's. Thank you for offering such a reading and rendering the receiver with such insight and undefined potential for personal change." Cal Merritt

". . . thank you for the Reading you gave me . . . The words you gifted me with from my higher Self and soul, opened up a wondrous new world of wholeness and connectivity for me! I will be forever grateful to you for re-affirming my connection." W. M.










Path to Union

Whether you want to find a partnership, are in one and want to enrichen it or are simply looking for that intimate relationship with yourself, this course is for you.

Usual enrollment fee - $225
February special - $100

“I am so grateful. To meet with Toni is a tête-à-tête with the divine within. Her work is a condensation of the intangible. Each question or focus in the course is a magnet for my contemplation to bring forth my inner knowingness. Each word is like a bee which gathers the nectar of insights so as to taste the sweetness of little drops of awakening. Our virtual meetings are the affirmation of the wholeness and holiness of her being, simple and vast, compassionate and direct, focused and joyful.

“I feel in all ways acknowledged and appreciated while bringing clarity toward what was a blur, reflecting what was delusional, expanding what is limited. Her writings materialize the etheric and capture the mysterious in a down-to-heart manner. My encounter with Toni, via her books, her courses or meetings is an encounter with I AM. “ Florence Lalanne









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