“I am so grateful. To meet with Toni is a tête-à-tête with the divine within. Her work is a condensation of the intangible. Each question or focus in the course is a magnet for my contemplation to bring forth my inner knowingness. Each word is like a bee, which gathers the nectar of insights so as to taste the sweetness of little drops of awakening. Our virtual meetings are the affirmation of the wholeness and holiness of her being, simple and vast, compassionate and direct, focused and joyful.

“I feel in all ways acknowledged and appreciated while bringing clarity toward what was a blur, reflecting what was delusional, expanding what is limited. Her writings materialize the etheric and capture the mysterious in a down-to-heart manner. My encounter with Toni, via her books, her courses or meetings is an encounter with I AM. “ Florence Lalanne

Metaphysics - defined as the underlying principles of a subject

In this case, the subject is you. What are the underlying principles of being human? The word hu-man is broken out into hu as an ancient form of the name of God and man as homo sapiens sapiens meaning wise man or he who knows. A human is Source as wisdom in form.

You are the home that you seek. I hold up for your reflection the mirror of this truth.

This metaphysics course is for those who are willing to focus upon the divine essence of the human while releasing the attachments of the mind. Meta yoU Metaphysics is for those who are ready to accept they are God, fully and completely, without having to attach an expectation to the meaning of that Self-Realization.

The beliefs you are programmed to believe are true have been instilled within you by others who also believe they are true. That does not make them so. It simply means you identify with the mass consensus or the mentality of the herd. Are you capable of stepping away from the herd without needing its approval? You must first answer this question before enrolling in any undertaking of this depth.

The Meta yoU Metaphysics course is comprised of
12 lessons in one e-book
Choice of one of my three books
Living as Light guided meditations
DNA Is The Secret ebook
You - A Field Guide ebook and
a Metaphysics Journal

sent digitally. You will meet with me via video Skype or telephone within a schedule that mutually suits our interaction together. The usual schedule is to review two lessons at a time though that protocol is easily shifted to meet your timing needs. Most students meet with me every two weeks.

Table of Contents 

Beginning Concepts of Self Mastery 
Mastering Your Sacred Space 
Souls, Soul Groups, Reincarnation 
What Is Your Spiritual Integrity Worth   
Working in Quantum Energy
The Quantum Hologram
Principle of Resonance (Law of Attraction)
Spirit, Beliefs and the Body
Managing Your Field Experience
The Brain and the Field
The Heart and the Emotional Body
DNA, Fibonacci, Phi and the Field
Recommended Reading
Glossary of Terms

Your life is about to beccome just that - your life. You are home!

Enrollment - Metaphysics plus reviews with Master Teacher Toni Elizabeth Sar'h
Registration fee $490

Or you can make two monthly payments of $245 each

Do It Yourself Metaphysics - no review
Registration $180

My commitment to you:

I have created this course to enable you to look into the mirror of your divinity. I commit to hold up that mirror in reflection as we work through this course together, not allowing you to pretend otherwise; rather shining the mirror brighter each time you attempt to avoid looking directly into it.

I commit to honesty and transparency.

Your commitment to me:

You commit to working through the material, turning in written exercises a full day before our scheduled conversation, completing the meditations and the suggested reading. I would suggest that you also refrain from focusing upon other concepts, books, videos or websites for the length of the course since it can be confusing.

You commit to honesty and transparency.

You commit to an understanding that this course is an educational instruction. It is not intended to substitute for professional counseling, coaching and/or the advice of your primary health care provider. If you are experiencing issues in the physical, emotional or mental realms, seek guidance from an appropriate practitioner.

I teach "to the limits of your condition" as one of my students recently told me. Rather than "thinking outside the box", I do not accept the boundaries of a box. Where this course can take you is only limited by your own perceptions and your willingness to let go of your self-limiting beliefs.

"Once you meet Toni, you realize that she embodies what she teaches. There is no bull shit, no beating around the bush, no coddling. Either you are in or you are out. I say that lovingly, because in turn, it is a gift she mirrors back to be, so that I can be more real and authentic. In truth, it is the most loving and efficient way to be in relation to self. So if you are ready and willing for change and transformation, then this is one ticket toward Freedom. The invitation is to take your power back from mass consciousness and redirect the energy back into source. In short, Toni offers an invitation to board a rocket ship that is destined to bring you into the center of Cosmic Consciousness. It is a one-way ticket to Enlightenment! And I'd recommend unfastening your seatbelts because once aboard you realize that there is nothing to fear and you instantly realize that everything you perceive is ALL YOU - Everything - So there is no more need to resist, no more need to push, no more need to struggle. Life becomes easy, because you are easy with yourself." James Knight

"This course was a gift in both enlarging the mystery but also living in the mystery. I am also more deeply committed than at any other point in my life just to rest and meditate in Source – All That Is. My meditation practice has grown and become much more meaningful in the past twelve weeks! Toni, what a wonderful gift you have given to us! Yet, your experience and writings are resources that many of us need to jumpstart our own journey to new vistas and horizons. This course did that for me and the journey continues!" David Wine

We provide this material for your information. It is not intended to substitute for professional counseling and/or the advice of your primary health care provider. We encourage you to follow the directions and advice of your professional counselor and/or primary health care provider. Toni Petrinovich is not a counselor or a coach and the relationship between Toni Petrinovich and her students is of teacher/educator and student only. The mention of any product, service, or therapy is not an endorsement by Reverend Doctor Toni Petrinovich, Sacred Spaces, Sar'h Publishing, Heartstorm courses or Meta yoU School of Mastery.

-- Rev. Dr. Toni Petrinovich                            

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