Metaphysics is the underlying principle of a subject.
In this case, the subject is you.

The beliefs you are programmed to believe are true have been instilled within you by others who also believe they are true. That does not make them so.

It simply means you identify with the mass consensus.

Are you ready to take the steps to fully understand how you exist in this world without those beliefs?

This metaphysics course is for you if you are willing to focus upon your divine essence while releasing the attachments of your mind.

Meta yoU Metaphysics is for you if you are ready to accept you are God, fully and completely, without having to attach an expectation to the meaning of that Self-Realization.

I have created this course to enable you to look into the mirror of your divinity. I commit to hold up that mirror in reflection as we work through this course together, not allowing you to pretend otherwise; rather shining the mirror brighter each time you attempt to avoid looking directly into it.

During your time with Meta yoU Metaphysics, you will learn:

Recommended Reading

Beginning concepts of Self-Mastery

Mastering your Sacred Space

Understanding the soul and reincarnation

The value of your spiritual integrity

Working in Quantum Energy

Use of the Quantum Hologram

How to use the Principle of Resonance (the Law of Attraction)

How Spirit works through beliefs in the human body


Managing Your Field Experience

The Brain and The Field

The Heart and The Emotional Body

DNA, Fibonacci, Phi and the Field

Glossary of Terms

The Meta yoU Metaphysics course includes:

12 lessons in one e-book
Choice of one of my three books (paperback, sent via USPS)
Living as Light guided meditations
DNA Is The Secret ebook
You – A Field Guide ebook and
the Metaphysics Journal.

You will meet with me via video Skype, Facetime or Zoom within a schedule that mutually suits our interaction together. The usual schedule is to review two lessons at a time though that protocol is easily shifted to meet your timing needs. Most students meet with me every two weeks.
Once I have your enrollment, I will send you the link to the Metaphysics course material webpage.

Enrollment – Metaphysics plus reviews with me – Registration fee $490

Or you can make two monthly payments of $245 each

Do It Yourself Metaphysics – no review – Registration $180