Living I AM course

Become aware of your consciousness.

In physical form, you are experiencing an aspect of consciousness that is only aware of what it desires.  Eventually, you will begin to feel the stirrings within urging you to change. Your creative imagination identifies with its creations. You call them real because you have caused them.

When your personality no longer desires to cause them to be, you will become aware of yourself as I AM.

The Living I AM course is your personal request to you to release your hold on beliefs, let go of your personal attachments and become aware of your divinity as I AM. This is not a course to pick up and put down. It is not “just another” spiritual class. It is for you only if you are finally at the point in your life when nothing but being aware of your divinity will suffice.

Living as spirit in soul

The course includes focus upon:

The Ineffable, The Nameless
Play of Consciousness
Consciousness vs. Awareness
Illusion of the Senses
Relative Reality
Inner and Outer Focus
Higher Self vs. Lower Self
Aware of Awareness
Loving I AM
Living I AM

If you begin to feel lost in your desires, needs and thoughts, remember that nothing you believe in is you. You are the Divine I AM. Being divine, you have no desires, needs or thoughts whether physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. Those belong to your personality and change with every breath dependent upon your present expectation. Your divine expression encompasses All.

When you realize that none of it is real, more your play upon the stage, it becomes just that . . . divine play in earth. You play as the Divine I AM – I AM Divine.

The Living I AM course is comprised of ten two-page lessons in one e-book. At the end of each chapter you are directed to meditate upon a specific set of thoughts. As you progress through the lessons and meditate upon the suggested thought patterns, you will witness your attachments dissolving as you become aware of being I AM.

The foundation of this course is your meditations. They are the core of the Living I AM course together with your daily experience of Living I AM.

Once I have your enrollment, I will send you the link to the Living I AM course material webpage.

Enrollment fee – $95

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