Coherency is your most natural state.

All of nature is coherent. You, as I AM in form, naturally live in a coherent state. Harmony is your default frequency. When you disrupt your coherency through stress, anxiety, fear or anger, you throw your body into a state of incoherency. In other words, you step outside of your natural physical state. It is possible to learn how to maintain coherency so that you remain at ease and at peace.

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Within this course you will learn:

How your energy field works

The exchange of information and energy

How coherency works

The basis of harmony

How to focus on coherency

How biological waves work

The basis of coherent union

The coherency of your DNA

How to use intention and focus

How fear is an incoherent story

Your gut and abandonment

Your gut and lack

Your gut and being alone

Your gut and love

How to remember coherency

How awareness works as coherency

Become aware of your state of awareness

How to picture awareness

How to embrace coherent awareness

Bonus – a guided meditation in video and text format bringing you into a state of coherency through focus upon your center, that which is your natural gut intuition.

The Going With The Gut course is comprised of 4 ebooks compiled into one manual for ease in downloading. Each chapter is accompanied by an instructional video in which I discuss the material of that chapter. The bonus material is a guided meditation available in text and video format.

Read each chapter and then watch its video to hear my comments about the material with additional examples of how it works.

Once I have your enrollment, I will send you the link to the Going With The Gut Course webpage. During this course, you can receive additional teaching from me through my Course Reviews page.