You are enlightened – in this moment, in this breath.

If you truly want to understand what it means to be God, to live as I AM, then you want to realize you are vibrating that frequency so that within your environment it becomes the aware life you live.

When you say that you don’t know how or that you don’t believe that enlightenment is possible for you, you are instructing your DNA to keep your awareness under wraps. This is not necessary. You have the ability and the power to open to the enlightened frequency held within your DNA.

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Within this course you will learn:

Definitions and words to help you understand how your physical DNA interfaces with the universe and your Cosmic DNA

How the universal energetic field connects intimately with your DNA

Why all experiences affect all of existence universally

How the Principal of Resonance connects you to all of existence

The construction and information contained within your DNA waiting for your instructions.

The language of your DNA and how to speak to it fulfilling your enlightened state.

The specific structure of your DNA and its companion parts and how they work

How your electric body is infinitely linked to the electric, plasma universe containing your information and how to access it

Why your DNA acts as a coherent superconducting hologram

Review some of the scientific experiments relating to the capabilities of your DNA

Learn why coherency is the key to activating your natural enlightenment within your DNA

How you are a natural hologram of information creating a Cosmic bridge in this universe

Understand how and why your DNA includes your enlightened state.

How you were born embedded within enlightened Cosmic DNA and what that means to you physically

Why the Golden Mean is another word for “enlightenment”

How your DNA bridges the physical world and the world of spirit

Bonus material: The 12 dimensions, how they work with your DNA and how to integrate 12 dimensions into your life experience. The bonus video includes my DNA Re-Awakening Activation Ritual.

From Kathryn Hart Teixeira of Soundings after finishing the DNA course: “I have desired my own enlightenment ever since I became aware that such a thing was possible – the hard knocks of life having rendered me eager for a lasting relief and contentment.  Because of the gift of the internet, studying alongside Toni became a dream come true in this life:  finally a teacher who understood the tasks ahead and was prepared with courses, readings, and conversations to assist me in calibrating all of the information I wanted to make my own.  As I have watched my life change, it has only strengthened my resolve to finish the job, yet my fear of mounting that wall of belief kept me at its foot, looking up, wondering how to convince it to shrink for me.  

“Then DNA of Enlightenment came along and has showed me, via the scientific evidence of my own reality as light and sovereignty, how to command my own enlightened presence and to walk through mind-made walls.  You cannot fake your energetic output, Toni is fond of saying, and the mind isn’t about to roll over for a sneeze, though it may secretly want to.  My mind wanted to convince me that I would be walking an uphill battle permanently – that it would never acquiesce, but it is a lie, and I feel it just wanted and wants me to call its bluff, which I have and I AM.

“Working through this course ~ the text, Toni’s videos, the bonus material and DNA reawakening ritual has accelerated my conscious enlightenment.  It has held the space for me to ask the questions and have the conversations I have needed to have with myself in order to make the changes necessary to walk over the final bridge to my freedom.  I did this last night and then commanded myself to continue with this process of unwinding while I slept peacefully and had a dream of selecting a pair of gently used shoes, size five (fifth dimension), to support my walking freedom with comfort and style.  There were rooms of shoes to choose from ~ all gently used as a symbol of having been discarded by the many folks who have gone before.

” I am so grateful to Toni for going before and giving this information so generously and making it so user friendly.  A true friend and ally whose presence and steady stream of teachings have let me take myself to my edge, shore up my courage  – and fly.”

The DNA of Enlightenment course is comprised of 4 ebooks compiled into one manual for ease in downloading. Each chapter is accompanied by an instructional video in which I discuss the material of that chapter. The bonus material is a separate ebook, which is accompanied by my DNA Re-Awakening Activation Ritual as a video.

Read each chapter and then watch its video to hear my comments about the material with additional examples of how it works.

Once I have your enrollment, I will send you the link to the DNA of Enlightenment Course webpage. During this course, you can receive additional teaching from me through my Course Reviews page.

Enrollment fee: $125