Divining your truth

Learn to divine your truth.

I am delighted to bring you this step-by-step process that will take you from asking questions of others to receiving your own answers.

This course is the result of the book Divining Truth, Straight Talk From Source. If you would like a signed copy from me, email me at toni@sacredspaceswa.com.

I spent years refining my own access ability. I suggest you take at least two weeks for each step described within the course. Take your time. Don’t rush or get impatient. You’ve spent your life requesting answers from others. Make time and space in your life to learn how to ascertain your own answers.

You will learn how to:

Be the silence
Focus your attention to receive information
Develop confidence among the dimensions
Constantly ask questions
Understand your interpretation
Release significance
Understand the Divine

The course consists of six chapters in one e-book. Now begins the practice of accessing your information from within Cosmic Consciousness. The most important feature of this dynamic learning experience is creating the time to put attention upon each area of practice. There is no way to hasten your results. Hurrying will only slow down that which you have the ability to do naturally. The information comes from your Divine Self.

What you are learning is natural to the human being. It has been programmed out of mass consciousness by centuries of conditioning. Knowing that you are reverting to what is most natural to you assists you allowing the flow of information that is, quite literally, absolutely everywhere and outside of any time or space.

It is the Divine Mind. You are living within Cosmic Consciousness, which contains all information in and outside of this time and space. You have constant and immediate access within this Divine Mind.

Once I have your enrollment, I will send you the link to the Divining Your Truth Course webpage.  During this course, you can receive additional teaching from me through my Course Reviews page.

Enrollment fee – $75

All information exists within Cosmic Consciousness.

You exist as Cosmic Consciousness.

All information is energy.

You are energy.

As Cosmic Consciousness, as energy you have access to all information.