This course is the key.

When you wonder how you can possibly quiet the constant chatter of your mind, you have found the key.

Enroll in Decluttering The Mind and change every aspect of your busy, noisy life! From understanding why your mind is cluttered to the body’s chemistry that drives the chaos, Decluttering the Mind takes you on a personal journey into your mind and heart.

No longer will you wonder how you can quiet your mind because you will have all the tools necessary, the key, to do so. Enroll now, right now and begin the end of the mental noise and chatter. Find the key that unlocks the quiet within your own mind.

Decluttering the Mind is a webinar comprised of three one-hour videos. Once you enroll, you always have access to these videos so you may complete the course according to your personal time schedule.

Throughout each webinar you can take notes through downloadable printouts of the Powerpoint presentation.

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What you will learn:

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Class One:

Chemistry of thoughts
How thoughts arise; their content, 30/70
Identifying with thoughts as real
Thoughts that create stress, worry and anxiety
Focusing on other people’s thoughts to fix them
The incessant search for security from childhood

Class Two:

Focus on distracting events
Beliefs that do not serve you
Mass consciousness
Anxiety and the if’s
Mind and heart

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Class Three:

What fears keep you from hearing your heart
Why you would incarnate into mental clutter
Living without a cluttered mind
Why mindfulness is heartfulness
Opening the space of your mind/heart

After enrollment, you will be directed to the webinar course page.

Enrollment fee – $185

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