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The world you live in, the world you came from and the world you will experience next is not physical. It exists and is available to you when the decision is made to live life more consciously aware of, consciously linked to that which already exists.

It is not outside and it is not inside. It simply is. This is awareness. The subtle, etheric realms are information and communication.

Truth exists beyond the mind. This means that you move through consciousness to awareness and find that truth exists when you are looking for it no longer.

Awareness of divinity, that each breath emanates within Source, as Source, for Source and to Source changes the viewpoint of simply being human to being God. There is little support for this concept in the modern world.

Awareness is the supportive guiding system that aligns the enactment of life’s experience. As such, understand how the importance placed upon all attachments means nothing. All are only divine props in this sacred, holy stage.

“In 2001 I began having a nagging feeling that something was ‘missing’.  My childhood religious beliefs no longer offered me comfort, and my confusion grew. I found Toni and my whole world blew open. She introduced me to Metaphysics and encouraged me to experience myself as Divine.

“Over the next 18 years I continued to study many New Age practices and belief systems. In May of 2019 I arrived back in Toni’s inbox, exhausted and disillusioned with my unending list of New Age tasks and limiting beliefs. I signed up for a Divine Intensive and immediately experienced peace and relief from the confusion and spinning.

“I’m now in my second Intensive and am freer every day. Toni’s guidance is the vehicle to my freedom. My growing sense of peace is my gift to the world.” Mary Jo Marchionni

The Light of I AM

After you enroll, I will send you a two page questionnaire. Answer the questions and send the questionnaire back to me so I can create the perfect focus for this Intensive. I will send you selected text to work with each week (or longer if you wish) and we will schedule nine conversations over nine weeks (longer periods, if you desire) via Facetime, Zoom or telephone.  You will experience your divine nature, which is your natural heritage.

As you continue to become conscious of what you desire life to be, you create various situations and sets of circumstances. You call this your life. It may please you or not. It is only appearance at any level so the pleasing may come and go. It is your creation. You are the cause and the effect, the subject and the object. You are the sum total of every experience you are having in every dimension, time, space, world and “reality” that emanates from within Creator. 

The eyes of I AM
About the Master Teacher

Awareness does not reflect appearances. Awareness knows no “reality” for all that you call real is the result of your conscious creation. To become aware, you must release your belief that your created world is real. It is only a story you are telling yourself.  Within awareness, you come to the self-realization that you are I AM.

If you decide to enroll in a Divine Intensive with me, I would ask you to stop any other spiritual courses or classes you may be taking during the length of your Intensive. As you focus on only one text and converse with me regarding the texts I send you, your need to continue seeking will cease.

Upon enrollment, you will receive a two page questionnaire through email. Answer the questions and send your responses back to me so I can create the perfect Divine Intensive for you.

Enrollment fee 0f $500 includes 9 Zoom or Facetime conversations to review each focus you will receive as you reflect upon yourself as I AM.

Say yes to every portal that opens for you as I AM