MetaphysicsGo beyond the physical world. Experience your divinity.Learn MoreArt of CreationWhat will you create as God in form? How will you use your divine intention in this ever-changing world?Learn MoreLiving I AMBecome aware of your consciousness. The stirrings within are calling you to a new way of living.Learn MoreRelief From BeliefAll beliefs have been given to you by someone else. Your beliefs create your view of the world and your life. Learn MorePath To UnionYou are in partnership with a boundless sea of creation. Will you surrender
to the divine union possible for you?Learn MoreMastering The ShiftShift into Self-Realization,
your natural Enlightened state of being.Learn MoreDivining Your TruthReceive your own answers from within your Divine Consciousness. Respond to your own questions.Learn MoreAudacity of Your IntentionYour intention fuels the reality of your life. Using the audacity of your divinity to manifest the perfect outcome.Learn MoreTrusting AlonenessAre you available to your Self? Do you allow time to be with You in ways that create feelings of harmony and peace?Learn More6 Week Divine IntensiveAwareness as I AM is the supportive guiding system that aligns the enactment of life’s experience. Learn MoreReiki
Using Reiki is a teaching and an instruction physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually/etherically.
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My courses teach you how to live as the I AM, neutrally and impersonally living life divinely fulfilled and acknowledged without barriers, constraints or fear. You will come to know yourself as the divine being you are without attachment to how much the being you are must do to recognize your natural, divine essence.

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Meta yoU Courses

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Living I AM

You know within your sacred heart you are a divine being as I AM. Now move from that knowing to a state of constant awareness that precludes any concepts, ideologies or beliefs. It is not necessary for you to do anything at all to recognize your divine awareness as I AM. Learn to recognize It.

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This course is for those who are willing to focus upon the divine essence of the human while releasing the attachments of the mind. It is for those who are ready to accept they are God, fully and completely, without having to attach an expectation to the meaning of that Self-Realization.

Harmony in Meta yoU

Art of Creation

The time of transformation is now. That which you have been waiting for is here. What will you create with this newfound opportunity? How will you, as the I AM, God in human form, use your divine intention to welcome in a new way of living? This is your time – right here, right now.

Relief From Belief

Every belief you have was given to you by someone else. It began with your parents, your teachers, any religion you were brought up in, people you work with, social networks and peer groups. Everybody has a belief that they believe you should believe, also. I AM is without belief.

Path To Union

You are in partnership with a boundless sea of creation. You are a creator of that ocean of manifestation. Whether you are in the process of feeling the desire for a better situation at work or an intimate relationship, you must first focus upon the Wholeness in which you dwell.

Mastering The Shift

This course is designed to give you the deepest understanding of what it means to become a Master of Transformation. It holds within it the essence of divine alchemy. What is explained within this course is information contained within the awareness emanating from and within your Self. 

Meta yoU is about YOU

Divining Your Truth

Here you will learn how to receive your own answers from the Divine Mind. You are living within Cosmic Consciousness, which contains all information in and outside of this time and space. You have constant and immediate access within this Divine Mind. You will learn how to trust the answers you receive.

Meta yoU Includes All Dimensions

Audacity of Your Intention

Your intention fuels the reality of your life. Using the audacity of your divinity to manifest the perfect outcome is your divine heritage. Claim it! As you do, you will find your life changing according to what you intend. You will learn how to fine tune those intentions.

Trusting Aloneness

Are you available to your Self? Do you allow time to be with You in ways that create feelings of harmony, peace and grace for yourself without anyone else in mind? Most likely, you place yourself last in the scheme of things. Now it is time to place yourself/Self first in all situations.

Decluttering the Mind

This course is the key. When you wonder how you can possibly quiet the constant chatter of your mind, you have found the key. Enroll in Decluttering The Mind and change every aspect of your busy, noisy life! This course  takes you on a personal journey into your mind and heart.

Meta yoU
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6 Week Divine Intensive
The world live in, the world you came from and the world you will experience next is not physical. It exists and is available to you when the decision is made to live life more consciously aware of, consciously linked to that which already exists – I AM. In our time together, you will realize I AM.

Reiki is whole energy before manifestation. It brings the body into harmony and well-being. Listening to what Reiki tells you is a great example of illumination and balancing. Giving a Reiki treatment gives you the opportunity to experience it for yourself, as well.

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