It It Works, Use It will be my next book published in 2017. Below is the Introduction to the book which contains 37 questions posed to me about my spiritual experience as a human and the accompanying answers. Basically, it is a "how-to" book teaching you to use what works in all areas of your life.

 Introduction to Perceptions*

           The general intention of this book is to answer the question I am asked so often, “How did you get to be who you are?” When I opened the door to my newsletter subscribers sending me queries for this book, I knew they would be varied. Some of the questions have to do with an idea of spiritual reality. Others are more personal and reflect the desire to know more about certain subjects. I will use events in my own life to explain the various principles in the questions I received.

             Those who know me personally or have been taught by me via Skype know that I eschew the New Age spirituality that tends to draw in those who visualize themselves as seekers. The various ideologies that have supplanted conventional religion create strong belief systems of their own, condoning only those who follow in the footsteps of its creator.

              Quality of life is demonstrated by the ability to live with personal integrity rather than attempting to please others so they will approve. Human beings are composed of light. Everyone works with light because everyone is light. Knowing this takes the significance out of what is not significant by any means.

              Reading this book is an invitation to take a big step away from the unicorns, rainbows, bunnies and butterflies that populate the social media. Most people are looking for those of “like mind”. Now, those two words always make me chuckle. To be of “like mind” with another is to create an illusion that all minds are in agreement about nearly everything. It’s not going to happen on planet earth. There may be people who are in agreement, yet given enough time and any stress in a situation the minds can change quite quickly. This is not a judgment, simply a fact that human beings change with circumstances.               


            One caveat previous to reading this book is that I am intentionally omitting any experiences in my life that will have an impact on another person who is still living. I will talk about the event, yet I will not include or name them. It is not the intention of this book to set up a court of right or wrong. And, the people who played certain parts as supporting actors in my life do not have to have their actions aired in this book.

              Publishing this semi-autobiographical narration carries one specific focus: What I am, all are. As I am, all are. Nothing I write or say will deter from this point of attention. Being human contains only one request. Learn how to live divinely in a physical form. No matter the lifestyle, country of origin, career choice, religious belief, relationship status or age, every human being inevitably arrives at the same place – divinity.

              The title is taken from a phrase that Master Paul used to say to me anytime I asked a question about a certain process or procedure. “If it works, use it.” Now, I say the same to you.

              Enjoy this trip through time and space with me driven by the questions posed. Remember that agreeing or disagreeing with the answers means nothing. There is no significance in this world, only a personal interpretation of a belief about what is supposed to be. Release that control and life becomes a flowing ride down a river of light.

              *Note: I have named each chapter as a “perception” since everything you read is an explanation of my perception at the time, which will be followed by your personal perception of what it means to you. Each reader will have a different perception of the content of each chapter, as I do with regard to my individual perceptions over time.




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