We are selling the farm, home of Sacred Spaces, in the Pacific Northwest and moving to the southwest.

Follow our move on this page as our adventure unfolds.

Our first port of call and temporary landing spot will be in Yerington NV where my older daughter has graciously offered us her home. She and her husband have retired to Las Vegas. From Yerington we will look for the perfect permanent piece of land to call home and the new office of Sacred Spaces, which will still be open and operating as we travel thanks to the digital world.

Once we find our perfect piece of land in the southwest, we will build a dome home. This technology is, indeed, the wave of the future for everyone due to the strength of its construction and affordability.

For more information about these magnificent structures, see and The latter website and endeavor is led by Hajjar Gibran, the great nephew of Kahlil Gibran, author of The Prophet.

We are deLighted to share this divinely directed experience with you. Keep coming back to this page as we add additional highlights while we "hit the road".

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Since this is not a blog that I would be continually adding to, the left side of the page will remain static to fill in new readers while this right side will change as the adventure unfolds.

What a grand week! The dumpster arrived and was filled immediately. The garbage truck driver who delivered the dumpster came back at the end of his route and emptied the dumpster for us immediately. This was a major gift!

On Thursday we crafted a calendar timeline for the remainder of the work that needs to be done. Our target date for the first trip to NV is August 18th. We will stop in OR to view the total eclipse of the sun on the 20th. One of the gold mining camps we belong to is on the path of totality for the eclipse so we can car camp and be in the perfect spot.

After the sun does its thing, we will leave OR and head south to NV arriving in Yerington about the 22nd. It was good to put marks on the calendar and know we are that far along in the process.

The picture of the house above shows you a foundation. Yet within that foundation is a full basement. Thursday marked the final emptying of the basement with only the clean up to do to have that piece complete.

Next week front step railings go up and the inside of the front porch will be completed. That is a final big step to being "realtor ready".

Thanks for following us!


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