Arriving at the Sacred Spaces website, you have come home. You are the Divine I AM. You are Source. You are enlightened as Light. You are Home.

Realizing the Oneness within divine union is dropping the idea of spiritual/non-spiritual, mystical/non-mystical and all of the other dualistic ideas you have come to believe are real. Within this truth is contained everything and nothing. The All is the magnificent sunset, the putrefied garbage dump, the darling baby, the radical political leader and nothing.
Union within Oneness is found only within the silence of the human mind. It will not be discovered in thinking, perceiving, seeing or experiencing “out there/in here”. It is not found through “seeking”. As the Nameless originally created within the silence of Itself, all communication within it is interior silence. While this may be a revolutionary idea to the questing mind, the sacred heart understands it perfectly. It is the deeper energies magnified within this divine union that is the calling from the heart.
Despite all that humanity has erected and established, the moments of silent allowance become something to avoid for fear relative projections may vanish. The heart’s invitation is to venture into the unknown, the void of the unknowable, unseen and not experienced until the Nameless Itself overtakes the heart in its silence revealing Itself in all forms and formlessness. This is the union surpassing all understanding.  

Here is the land of sacred space. It is far beyond the realm of the mind outreaching the human condition and perception. Within this most sacred landscape lays a completely new way of being, expressing and perceiving – even to the point of releasing the viewer from perception at all. Within the expression of the One is the unfolding, flowing recognition of I AM without personal, spiritual or physical identification. It is here that the holy union you so yearn for exists.

If it is difficult for you to recognize yourself as I AM, know that it will come through your detachment from human beliefs. You are the Source, All That Is, the Ineffable.  There is no halfway measure here.  By Source we mean the conscious awareness that always exists with or without created worlds and dimensions – the I AM sourcing Itself as Creator.  It is the origin of all without origin itself. It is You. You are I AM manifested as light in one of numberless dimensions outside of time and space. Your mind will attempt to create a concept for these words. No explanation is possible.

In order to arrive at Divine awareness, you must learn to value your emanation as I AM far more than your belief in separation. There is only One. The One is You.  This cognizance is inherent in the very cells of your body, your DNA, your heart.  You will begin to realize that making the choice to be what you are, as you are, is the most sacred gift you can bestow upon yourself.  Once your focus is anchored in this intention, your beloved personality, the ego, melts gracefully and gratefully into the Essence that is the source of your Sacred Emanation.


Through Sacred Spaces Meta yoU courses, you will learn:

The cosmos is a dynamic sea of energy manifesting itself in a seamless wholeness and made up of energy quanta interconnected through events on many different levels. Within this seamless whole, you exist perceiving your world through the personality’s veil of separation and uniqueness rather than the realization that you are one of those quanta on another scale and thus part of that seamless whole. It is in the surrender to the Self that you come to know freedom. This is your ego personality’s greatest desire and one you can gift it easily because you are I AM.

When you explore all of the nooks and crannies of the mysteries within your life, you have a chance to experience them from all sides. In this exposure, you expand because you are no longer holding on to the limitations, the boundaries you have artificially erected in order to protect your self-identity. You need no protection. You are I AM. You are free.

Such independence allows you to go beyond the teachings of your childhood, your schools, your religion and social structure. It invites you to feel what is being called forth from your heart as the voice of your soul; to follow that road no matter where it leads. It means that no matter what the fragments look like, they are all part of the Whole and you are invited to pay attention to them. It frees you from daily obsession and creates the space to see the second-to-second play of creation. Remember always that the manifested events in your life are perfect for your continued expansion.

Sacred Spaces welcomes you to these unlimited expanses, in which physical objects are located and all events occur, consecrated to a person or purpose. Within this expansiveness, your ego personality maintains its access to your credibility. It may believe that it is separate from other manifestations and yet, at a very intrinsic level, it knows better. It is experiencing its sacred individuality in the quintessence that you call you.

We invite you to join us in this great adventure summed up as “life”. We invite you to recognize that you are the Home you seek. Your Sacred Space is the most intimate experience you will have in your incarnation. It expresses through your heart, the voice of your soul. Experience your life from the most deLightful space possible ~ from deep within your inner core ~ the Presence of your Essence as I AM in form, your Sacred Space.