Intention of I AM

The Audacity of Your Intention course is comprised of six lessons. At the end of each chapter you will find specific exercises reflective of what you have learned in the text. As you progress through the lessons you will witness your attachments dissolving as you become aware of being I AM. Your intention will flow from your Divine Will.

Choice, Preference, Commitment each breath is a decision point

Fear, Stress, Doubt, Mistrust, Anxiety – you intimidate yourself

Intention, Focus, Design – the only foundation

Awareness, Perception, Realization – living being

Personal Reality, Exclusive, Unique, Separate – all is subjective

Truth, Authenticity, Integrity relative and individual

The six lesson ebooks:

During this course, you can receive additional teaching from me through my Course Reviews page.

You are a creator in this dimension and have direct access to this original blueprint, the initial intention of creation.  This originating wave/particle that is your expression is without perception or concept.  In this world of illusion, it is real

See your present reality as the ephemeral source of anything possible.  Then look into that infinite container of what you may experience by intending what you desire to experience. 

Let nothing distract you from the focus and intention you use to design your personal truth no matter the situation or the circumstances. Nothing is outside the domain of your capability to manifest your life as a reflection of that which you know is true for you.

Walking to personal divinity as I AM