Art of Creation within I AM

Here is your Art of Creation ebook and the Exercise Journal. Read the Query and then do the exercise for that Query.

During this course, you can receive additional teaching from me through my Course Reviews page.

The time of transformation is now. That which you have been waiting for is here.

The question is: What will you create with this newfound opportunity? How will you, as the I AM, God in human form, use your divine intention to welcome in a new way of living?

This is your time – right here, right now.

Within this course,  you will find the tools and the steps taking you into the next experience of life in this changing world.

Do what you have wanted to do throughout your life yet have not given yourself permission to receive. Now is the time to live your wonderful life. The life you have yearned for is now here and available.

This is your opportunity to let go of all restraints and embrace that which you have wished to experience. Nothing is holding you back. You create as I AM in form. You hold the answer to the unfolding of your future . . . right now . . . in your hands, heart and body. Claim it!
Divine Light