The act of absolving is commonly defined as setting free from an obligation, the consequences of guilt or  laying aside partly or wholly.

Only through absolution will you reach the Absolute.

Absolution knows no wrong doing.  Absolution sees only mutual experience.  It clears the way for conscious aligning of hearts.  It removes any boundaries you may believe exist between you and the Absolute.

When you begin to believe that no one ever does anything to harm you, that everyone is living life to the best of their capability in the moment, then you can welcome every experience as just that – an experience. There is no one to blame, no fault to assign. You are free.

Absolve to dissolve to resolve.

Divine balance as I AM

Below you will find an absolution ritual free for you to use. It is available as an audio file taking you through absolution, a video in which I lead you through the ritual or a .pdf file that you can download for your personal use.

You are Source. Your ego personality as your individuated self is Source. It makes little difference how you visualize, conceptualize or interpret the word. Whatever you believe original Source to be, from whatever you originally came or emanated, you must be all of It. If you hold yourself separate from anyone or anything, your mind separates from Source awareness. It is not possible to be separated from that which you are though your mind might believe it is true. It is not possible to say that Source encompasses all and then act as if a person or an experience is outside of Source.

Only through Absolution will you reach the Absolute.